6'2 RHP Welcomes any form of criticism

Hi, I’m currently a junior in High School and wish to get the most out of my body and my mechanics. Any insight is appreciated, thx.

if you pause at 0:48, you will see your foot hasn’t even planted and your GS arm/shoulder are already open. Also, your posture moves from slightly tilted forward to your head moving high/taller when you are getting into the high cocked postion. You want to keep your head/posture tall from start to the acceleration phase.

Keep your shoulders closed a little longer and stay in good posture and balance with the upper body. Once your foot lands then you should let that back hip fire and then rotating your shoulders. keep in mind all this stuff happens within milliseconds so its not slow steps in doing it. Drills are slow steps and made for breaking down. When you pitch it’s all fluid and explosive.

Good Luck


The easiest way to stay closed is to point your glove to the right of the target.

So, essentially my biggest problem is staying closed longer? Can you explain how this may increase velocity plz?

it keeps your hips closed longer for more power from the hips and the shoulder stays closed longer so that you are squared to the target, and don’t put more pressure on the arm from opening early.

I’d like to see you drive your hip forward as you’re making your sideways movement toward the plate. Your leg swings down and your left foot swings out, but your hips for the most part stay back. That front hip should lead your sideways movement, which will allow you to have a more powerful and aggressive movement down the front of the mound.

If you keep your shoulders closed longer, this will improve hip-shoulder separation, which will improve velocity because it is easier to throw with your full body when your hips are rotating ahead of your shoulders.

Pitching velocity in the simple sence is the faster you can turn your hips/trunk the more velocity you can get. Open the front side too early and your hips will slightly/substantially open and you wont have as fast a hip turn.