6'2" lefty part II better videos

Hey guys, I’ve been working on what has been suggested to me on this site and in Steven Ellis’ pitching mechanics book. I have also began Phase I of TuffCuff this week. Please let me know if my mechanics have gotten better or worse since my last post, and what I need to work on and what (if anything) has improved. I am giving it 100% for the next year so that I can succeed at the college level, and I won’t quit because I know I have it in me.
Thanks a lot.




Pause the top video at 11 and 21 seconds and look at your right foot. This is bad. What you want to do is lead with your hip rather than point your toe as soon as you stride towards home. When you are able to fix this all of your momentum should be included in your fastball, it doesnt look like you throw incredibly hard. Anyone else? Someone post some pictures about what I am talking about

There is so much wrong I don’t have time to write about it all. start at the start. Get your feet under your shoulders at least, they are too fart apart. Put the weight on the ball of your posting leg foot and lift the lead leg with your foot, not your knee. Don’t rock your weight back onto your posting leg foot as you lift the lead leg. Rocking the weight back as you do is jamming the posting leg. Don’t drop the lead leg straight down after the lift, you can’t get any momentum from the lead leg that way, the foot has to be further out from your body to swing around and provide momentum. STUDY VIDEO of the greats. Look for the little things that cause the pitchers mechanics to work as they do.

stop bouncing at the peak of your leg kick. What is happening when you do this is your head its moving around which affects your control. THINK STAY TALL

yes I agree with others on here, get to a set position and stay tall, do not drop down then out, kick the leg up and when you kick it out, try to keep straight and stay back weight on the back leg as you kick, without leaning backward, or forward. Then when you land you still have to stiffen that leg earlier. You should straighten your front leg when your body drops down into it. and the release that you are doing is keeping you from having velocity. Do the long toss as far as you can and as hard as you can paying attention to what the front leg is doing, and also take a look at the front leg of just about every pitcher in the MLB. Their front leg is pretty stiff when they are releasing the ball.