6'2" lefty needs help going into college

Hey guys, I’m 21 years old, 6’2", 175 lbs. In high school I threw in the mid 80s for my sophomore and junior year, and then I came back in my senior year throwing much slower, without knowing why. Here are a couple videos I recorded today, I hope you guys can help. Any help anybody can give me to get back my proper mechanics and old velocity would be great. It has been a couple years since high school, and I want to play college ball. I’ve been tweaking things here and there but I know I’m still doing things wrong. Thanks in advance for all of your help.

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The 1st vid is all but unusable…I can’t see anything really.
In the second I see a bunch, you’re all arm, out of sequence and way linear. You need to work posture, incorporate the bottom half into your delivery, all that long stride is doing for you is throwing you off balance. It looks to me like you are doing everything in the world except throwing from a fundementally sound platform…to get back to where you were…won’t happen this way.

This is one of our regular posters, Lankylefty, I don’t want you to copy him but check out the drills and see if you can’t incorporate some of it into what you are doing…I suspect you’ll see some immediate improvement, then come back and we’ll give it a look see…if you aren’t already getting to your goal.

Thanks, I see how my posture is pretty terrible. As far as using my lower half more, I know I am supposed to do that, but exactly what can I do to make it happen? I have trouble incorporating it, even though I know it’s supposed to be done. And what do you mean by being too linear? Thanks again for your help.

Its why I gave you drill work to go along with, the first drill will give you a feel for how your bottom half will begin to incorporate.
The too linear is the fact that the way you throw, you are a torso flex and a straight armpath from behind. High level pitchers (Actually all pitchers should) rotate the torso and flex with little actual arm involvement once its brought to the power position and the torso rotates.
Your welcome. Start with the easy stuff and build on what you accomplish. I think you’ll be back soon to where you were, just lost some fundemental soundness. Let us know how these drills help and we’ll adjust off of that.