60 yard dash

Was wondering if anyone had any recomendations to improving ones sprint time. I’m basically interested in improving my 60. So far this off season I have been able to shave off a little bit of time (1/10 or 2/10 of a second max)
This while I have managed to get myself from about 125 (september) to 141 (now). Is this substaintial or not. I’m still not at all pleased with my time.
I’m sitting at around 8.3, 8.2. I’m only a freshman, and the fact I’ve been growing doesn’t help my case but I really want peoples opinions.

Anyone have any specific programs they’d suggest, or training tools such as running chutes or something.

Lastly doing some looking around I was wondering what anyone thought about the dynamics of sprinting itself whether fast twitch fibers that everyone is talking abuot is as key as they make it sound, or if their other ways to go about it.


An 8.2 or 8.3 60 sounds bad, it’s really no, especially if your only a freshman. If you have decent speed but arn’t quick you might want to work on quickness to improve the speed in the first 10 yards making the overal 60 faster. If quickness is not a problem and your just not that fast then you’ll need to work on overal speed. Run sprints, not just from 60 yards, but from other distances too. Also make sure you have good form.

run downhill 2 days a week, a relatively steep hill

i’ve never used the parachute but if you have spare cash to pick one up then I say go for it…I’d really like to buy one with two parachutes to work on my speed with but once you get in your 20’s and have a few things to pay for like insurance, college, bills, etc…u can’t go out and buy every toy you want :frowning:

if you do pick one of those up let me know how it works tho

Well, I turned in an 8.1, which is definately an improvement, but still far short. My build would suggest I’m fast, and getting beat by some of the “bigger guys” isn’t necessarily where I’d like to be.
I guess the fact that I improved around .2-.4 seems to be pretty solid, but I really need to better that to increase my worth on the team.
I plan to bust my but this spring. (running extra after practice among other things)
I was wondering if anyone had any comment or ideas…

My goal is to run a sub 7.6 by this time next year, am I being unrealistic?

This winter for improving speed I did weight training and ran sprints 2-3 times a week, in November and then January. I generally only ran stright 60’s and I think one change I will make is to run 100 yards or more as well as some 40’s to work on first step. Above all I think a lot of what is hurting me is my form, I really need to get a video to look over. Basically I think I’m cutting myself short by not striding quite as far as I should.

Lastly does anyone have comment if growing affects speed. I was definately much faster when I was younger, and have slowed down as I got taller (still growing at a decent rate, yet to have a true “spurt”)

[quote=“centerfield2150”]Above all I think a lot of what is hurting me is my form, I really need to get a video to look over. Basically I think I’m cutting myself short by not striding quite as far as I should.


think about it, your going down hill instead of running on a flat surface…when your foot lands it will inevitably further then where it would be on a flat ground stride or else you will fall on your face right?

this trains your body to increase your stride length, which will increase the amount of distance you cover in a shorter amount of time…= speed

Running downhill does not improve stride length. Running up a slight incline increases stride length. It forces your back leg to get full extended but when you run downhill you can’t forcefully extend your back foot and keep any type of running form.

I remember when I was studying strength training while I was at Nebraska and I was asked the same question. I assumed downhill would help stride length also until it was explained to me by one of the other strength coaches.

Alright, well I know I’m still improving, working specifically on form as the device for improvement but I had another couple questions.

Currently I’m doing plain sprints and then some resistence band stuff (basic, just doing 4 movements for each leg). I’m looking to add some plyometrics when it warms up a little more so that it is halfway enjoyable to be outside.
I was wondering if anyone had any specific recomendations of plyo’s to do.

Besides all this I have been looking at all kinds of stuff regarding form as well as running programs running strength. One I have looked at over and over is http://www.athleticquickness.com/default.asp. They are preaching isometric training for quick results, I was wondering anyones thoughts on that.