60 MPH Pitcher


Hey I am a 12 year old and I throw around 60 MPH w/ my fastball. I am also Indian so I feel like I have a disadvantage because there is only one Indian in the major leagues currently. I throw sidearm naturally, but my arm hurts when I throw. If I throw overhand, I experience sharp velocity decreases and my accuracy is poor. What do I do? I want to practice and increase velocity but that just risks blowing my arm out.


Well Vihren, greetings from Colombia.
I suggest you should get to prctise and naturalise your throwing motion. How?
Well, if by any mean you get a rubber ball, such size slightly smaller than a baseball, then you get to a solid wall and begin throwing it to the wall. Both feet parallel so you face completely the wall, standing some 6-7 feet away, and begin with smooth throwing motions, trying to get that long arm circle path. As you’re not even 14, if you do that as many times as you can EVERYDAY you should start seeing the results 4-5 weeks later.
-Rubber ball, with decent bounce and roughly the size of a baseball (If it’s smaller, the better)
-Stand 2 metres off the wall. Try to throw the ball with a smooth circle arm path, slowly, to the same point. That will give you accuracy, and smoothness in your throwing motion
-Do it everyday, as many times as you think you can. Remember to be responsible with your own arm. Your guideline to throw strength is that the ball bounces pack right to your ches and you can catch it.

Anything you wanna tell me, I’ll be answering :slight_smile: