60 min pitcher's practice plan

I’m going to be asst coaching a 14/15 yo summer team in my home town and was putting together a practice plan today in preparation. I just wanted to share my notes, and hear what you all do with your pitchers in practice.

Here’s a 45-60 min pitcher’s practice the covers throwing, strengthening, fielding and conditioning which is what we did daily in the Cubs organization:

* 10 min stretching
* 10 min throwing
* 5-10 min pitching drills or lightweight dumbbell exercises
* 20 min fielding drills (covering first base, backing up bases, fielding bunts, etc.)
* 10-20 min running program on warning track (sprints, agility ladder drills)

Is 10 minutes of throwing enough? Seems like a warm-up… where’s the bullpen? Don’t you think at that age they should be throwing 70-80 or more pitches at game-like intensity/conditions at least twice per week? Shouldn’t they be working on command of all their pitches, mechanical flaws, etc.?

Here’s what we do twice per week during the season (3x/week off season):

  • Dynamic warm-up, 5-10 minutes
  • Light throwing - increasing distances every 8-10 throws until 150 ft.
  • Bullpen - blocks of 5 pitches to different locations up to desired #
  • Stretching/run/cool-down

I agree. That’s essentially what the bullpen days look like, too. But we’re not throwing pens on the first day of practice b/c the school season ends the day before…