60 day throwing program options

When the weather does not allow for the pitcher to go outside to throw long toss…90-120-150 ft. …what are some other options to avoid missing a day on the throwing program? We have indoor facility available…but only 70 feet in length.

We had a net that hung from the ceiling of our indoor training facility (we called it “The Barn”) and you could throw higher up the net to simulate a long toss throw. A math major might be able to tell you exactly how hard and how high you would have to throw to simulate 90, 120 and 150. The farther you get out there the more margin for error. The only real solution is to move to the sunny south. Believe me brother, I feel your pain. :roll:

If your arm feels good, throw the ball hard and with authority. End of story. Who cares about angles and distance.

DICK MILLS DOES. Haha, seriously though let it fly