6' 1" Southpaw 160lb mechanics

Please post any mechanical fixes I could change… thanks!

My thoughts on your mechanics.

First off. You should make a shorter video and start it when you actually pitch or mention when you start pitching in the video.

After watching a few pitches, I noticed that when you lift your leg you seem to pause and to bend your torso .

Use your height, when you lean over your lift leg, you lose your height advantage.

I think that you don’t use your legs enough. I would focus on using your legs more efficiently by pushing off harder.

It’s hard to tell from the camera angle, but it seems like your hips and torso rotate at the same time.

Your overall motion seems smooth.

After watching more of your pitches, I don’t really notice the pause at leg lift as much. I might be too tired or you might have just done it a few times.

I’m not an expert, so only use what you think is right. I could be wrong about everything haha :stuck_out_tongue: