5'9 2018 RHP analysis

What can i work on? Also, how hard does it look like I am throwing here?

what’s the distance? If I were to guess, it looks like low 50s if that’s 60 feet.

Coach, all due respect, but my curveball and changeup have previously been clocked faster than low 50’s. Imo, something about the angle is deceiving. It makes it look like there is drop on the pitch when in reality, it is on a line.

I would say your low 60’s to maybe mid. Just a guess. What has your fastball been clocked at if you have clocked your curve and change?

Last fall, I topped at around 70, sitting 66-68, and i felt that i had made velo gains, but apparently not…

Using the video and calculating time and distance, I have arm speed at 68, your release at approximately 62 (radar reading) and 55 at the dish. You can do the math yourself.

41.25/(time from release to the plate in seconds) = mph

You need a 0.589 sec reading to have a 70 mph release. The ball is never traveling faster than when it’s in your hand and from the millisecond the pitcher releases it, the ball is actually slowing down.

Coach, if I’m really throwing that slowly, what can I do to increase my velocity?

I clocked at 73 and 67 just using the pitch speed App.

All I’m saying is that these apps require good vision and fast reflexes to use properly and get consistent results. His velocity is at absolute most with largest margin for error 65 mph. I timed each pitch 10 times to get a feel for his delivery and took my average for each. I’m not going to say I’m right and you are wrong because the bottom line is that we don’t need to argue about 5 mph–especially when we are talking upper 60s (at best). There is lots of work to be done to get out of those numbers–which I think is the goal of this pitcher’s post.

This is also why it’s not a good idea for people to post a video and ask, “How fast am I throwing?” Then you get a meaningless discussion like this one.

I agree, asking about velocity was a bad idea. What should I work on mechanically to improve velo?

This angle is so hard to pick things out. I would like to have a true 3b side view and either a true 2b or home plate view. Some things I think may help you out, but would prefer a better look at would be:

  1. starting on left edge of the rubber; striding to middle can restrict hip movement and limit the amount of torque that can be generated. it can also lead to throwing across the body. moving left to right then trying to correct by moving right to left means there may be a balance issue that is cancelling out some power generation. lifting and striding as linearly as possible would help all of this. try not to moonwalk your posting foot all the way across the rubber.
  2. the lift seems a bit rushed. if you can make the lift slightly more pronounced, you can maximize the effectiveness of your forward hip thrust at the top of the lift.
  3. your arm is in the cocked position a fraction early. try to create more of an angle and torque when reaching back with your throwing hand…perhaps instead of straight back, reach a bit more toward the second base side of the bag to create more stretch through your trunk and try to stay flatter a touch longer to allow your lower half time to finish loading up before you get your throwing arm up into the cocked position into foot strike.

Thanks coach, here is a 3b view

Great initiative getting that second angle so quickly. You seem like you have a lot of your weight (hips and torso) outside (to the 1B side) of your left knee. In order to make that work, your muscles are engaged in maintaining your balance through the delivery vs storing energy in your lower half for the instant when the delivery becomes rotational. This is where the front or rear view would come in handy.

I would also think it’s hard for you to work the outer edge that way. It’s a long way for your arm to travel.

I haven’t seen anything in this view that would negate my initial analysis. A rear view would be good so I can tell if you have a posture issue.

@CoachPaul agreed I could very well me very far off because this is a hard thing to answer.

@gat if you want to gain velocity read my journal here. I think you can instantly improve your velocity by getting a catcher who throws the ball back to you instead of bounce passes.

Here is an update on mechanics from today. Is there anything else anyone sees for me to improve on?