5'11 158 lb RHP Freshman


I am a 5’11 158 lb freshman that pitched jv ball this year and did very good when I got the chance to pitch but I didn’t much because I had to play shortstop. I have four pitches that I throw with good location but not nearly enough speed. I have a four seam fastball, curveball, circle-change, and a cutter but my fastball is only topping out at mid 60s. Any help from anybody would be great I’ll post a video tomorrow of mechanics. Also should I start working out more and gaining weight? If so. Can you help set up a plan for that


Weight is not your issue. You have mechanical or physical attributes that are limiting your velocity. A person of your size and at least 13 years old should throw over 70 from any position. Find an instructor you trust and a good sports trainer. Ask for an honest evaluation of your current mechanical and physical capabilities. Ask for direction. You should definitely work out and a good trainer can point you in the direction you need to go. Drop the cutter until you are over 15. What is your arm slot? Do you throw harder from the field?

Usually shortstops are pretty athletic so you need to get at the heart of what is limiting your velocity.

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I can check out video for you. I’m low 80s in college ball, have worked with Dick Mills and Baseball Rebellion.


I’d say he’s 15 anyway but a cutter is safe as long as you aren’t accidentally breaking/turning your wrist. I’ve thrown one for awhile.


I love the cutter.
A great pitch if you can get late movement…much safer than a slider in my opinion.


He is a freshman. Likely 13 to 14. A cutter is a supinated fastball. It and the slider are likely the most stressful pitches on the ucl. Should not be thrown until the growth plates are fully closed. I probably should have said 16-17 unless growth plate closure is demonstrated by x-ray. Perhaps somewhat safer than the slider. Limited usefulness at 60 mph.

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A good cutter is literally taking a fastball, pushing the fingers together, sliding them over about .2 inches. Throw it like a FB. Not dangerous. Dangerous for kids would be curves and splitters.


A cutter is supinated relative to the fastball at MER by your own description and thrown at max effort. Reference Buffi’s work.


My son throws it by moving his fingers over and focusing on finger pressure, he does not supinate it at least on purpose.
A kid at 13 or 14 should (just my opinion) be focused on FB and Change up. Curveball is less dangerous than a slider for sure…the hard part is getting a kid to throw the CB the correct way.


Right, there’s no reason your wrist should look different than a fb at mer…


Now you have me wondering if he is supinating his wrist some while throwing the cutter…he was taught to not supinate it, but, pitchers do all sorts of things to get the ball to move. Time to shoot a video of it I guess. He barely throws it now…maybe once or twice a game.
When he did start to try and learn it he was supinating and getting a slider action. When he made the effort to not supinate and just move his fingers he got much later break, which is what he was looking for. Thrown to a RHB it would start middle of the plate and break to the inside corner or start on the inner third and jam the hitter late in the ball flight. It was an immediately effective pitch. He just needs to get it more consistent before throwing it more.



If the fingers are moved outward relative to the fastball there is some degree of supination relative to the fastball. I have know idea if that degree is enough to weaken the contribution of the muscles that handle the load on the elbow or not. For my guy, we have avoided it because I want his supinated pitches to be lower effort and I don’t want to risk confusion by adding a somewhat supinated that is thrown with high effort. However, pulling a guy off the plate with hard glove side movement would be nice.

Video is a good idea. Your fellow a lefty?

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Its funny with the lefties…they seem to have an easy time getting pitches to move.


Eat, eat, and keep eating… I’m about the same height maybe a little taller I weigh about 205 at 10% body fat give or take. Size will help velo in most cases.