5'10" 167lbs mechanics

Hey guys,
this is a video of my second bullpen this spring, and I’d like to know how I can improve my mechanics. This is also the first time I went 90% since recovering from a torn muscle fiber in my throwing elbow.

Also I’d love to know what you think about how fast I am pitching, I haven’t been clocked since last July.

P.S.: I start throwing at 90% half-way through the video. And nevermind me talking weird things, I’m from Germany :wink:

Thanks in advance!

What were you gunned at and more importantly did you have surgery to correct the tear?

You seem a lot bigger than 5’10, 167 lbs, but that could just be the angle.

You’re mechanics look good, I would angle the camera from the other side so we change see more of your arm action. I would also make a clip of you pitching from the side.

When I make a video, I try to make it short and quick as to not bore the audience. I would cut down your video to a couple of your best pitches and go from there.

Uhm I was gunned at 76-78 consistently and topped out at 81 a couple of times.
The injury didn’t require any type of surgery, I just had to rest it for a month and a half and have the injured area be massaged every day or two. After that I started light throwing in November, and since the beginning of February I increased the intensity, started throwing longtoss, etc.

Haha, I really am that short, has to be the angle :wink:
I actually do have a video from another angle (it is indoors from flat ground though) and a video from the side. I always upload videos that long because I send them to my old coach who told me to record at least 50% of the session. My new coaches don’t know anything about pitching.

This is just my suggestion, it might not hold any water with the other guys and I’m open for a debate on whether or not it would work but, maybe try putting on some weight, not all muscle weight but eat eggs, sausage, hash browns, ice cream, etc. When I first joined the Army I weighed 155 and threw around 71-72, once I started basic training I couldn’t throw anymore (basically 4 months of not throwing) but I ate alot!!! By the end of my 4 months of training I weighed 182lbs (dropped down to 175) and when i started throwing again I had terrible mechanics and was out of shape, but at my tryout for the University of Hartford I hit 84mph. Not saying all the physical training in the army didn’t help or the 4 months for my arm to rest up, but I also believe that the extra weight I put on helped me gain more momentum going down the mound to attack the hitter. I’m open to anyone who disagrees with that but I feel like it helped me. I could later post what my diet in the army consisted of and could post what out physical training sessions looked like, if anyone wants to pick it apart and discuss it.