500 is for hammer!


I’m watchin this on MLB channel…very much worth it…great flick

500th post on Hammers thread has to be his…where are you Hammer…??The world wants to know…

I’m sorry nobody responded to your thread. I’ll respond in it to make you feel better. :roll:

Is that you dude…? :shock:
Feelin sorry for your old friend? :goofball: :farmerjohn: :roadkill: :bigb:

I feel sooo much better…
You playin baseball or just domesticating?


I myself have done that. An honorable pursuit…one of those, “it is what you make of it” things. Well I hope it all happens in a way that causes much satisfaction for ya old boy. Much good and fulfilling things to get to.
What sort of career are you chasing?

Hey Spencer!
So what’s with the Yankees avatar? :puke3:

[quote=“Roger”]Hey Spencer!
So what’s with the Yankees avatar? :puke3:[/quote]

They’re still a good team aren’t they?!

Well, a “bought” good team.

Good is good whether it is good or not!

You’re just jealous. :wink:

Booo! lol

What can I say? All I’ve got are the D-Backs. :cry:

all i have is the astros…nough said. I’d be glad to take the dbacks. then again i live 20 minutes from dc. so i always have the nats to fall back on. which sound weird and isnt much better. but at least I get to see strasburg in person until he leaves for the yankees and a record contract in 5 or 6 years.