5 most effective pitches

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breaking ball
change up

fastball - self explanitory
sinker - groundball outs if need be [doubleplay balls] etc.
changeup - keep the hitter off balance
curveball - its a neccecity [dunno how to spell it]
forkball - not many hitters r used to seeing this as they r a slider, so it could work to a pitchers advantage

^in that order

Fastball: Of course you need a fastball, even a knuckleballer agrees with that.

Change-up: You need a good change of pace.

Knuckleball: Yeah I know, you guys feel differently but, the movement really helps and the slope the ball comes in on.

Curveball: Big Break will get people confused as far as strikes and balls and maybe they swing through it.

Splitter: Big dive and the slope make it tough to hit.

best 5 pitches,
low outside fastball, low outside changeup, low inside 2 seam running into hitters, low inside changeup, low curveball…notice how everything is low…figure it out

  1. Low, Inside Fastball
  2. Low, Outside Fastball
  3. Low, Inside Off-Speed
  4. Low, Outside Off-Speed
  5. Low, Back-Door Breaking Ball

No Knucklers, No Eephus, No Gyro, No Screw. All you need are those five and solid mechanics. I’m not saying that if you have mastered the knuckleball, you shouldn’t use it, but that’s a bonus. Focus on those five and you’ll have great success.

fastball (including variations)
change up