5 miles a day?

So this is my last year of Legion ball. These new coaches and I have a lot of…well differences in opinion (I think it’s idiotic to bunt with a 7 run deficit but that’s just me). Anyways one of the new coaches is telling me now that the season has started to start running 5 miles a day, no matter what.

Doesn’t this seem a little bit unrealistic? Especially since we’re in the middle of a season where we play about 5 or 6 games some weeks. He wants my legs in shape and I understand he wants all the pitchers running more but 5 miles a day?

What do you guys think? Should I just do what he says and run that much or should I just forget it, do some extra running but keep from doing too much?

i don’t see anything wrong with it. we do much much more for soccer, and I can say it has only helped with pitching velocity.

5 miles a day is just a little over the top in my opinion. (3 miles over the top)

Sprints are going to a lot better for pitching than distance running, except for the day after a start. I would stay away from the excess distance running. You will be in shape, but you won’t build velocity.

My advice would be to send this to your coach: http://ericcressey.com/a-new-model-for-training-between-starts-part-1


specialK, please elaborate on your post.

Your coach is wrong to tell you to run that much EVERYDAY. Long distance is a great thing to do the day of an appearance(after you pitch obviously) and the day after. The day of I’ll usually do 20-30 poles and the day after I’ll run anywhere from one mile(right now I’m dealing with a knee injury) to 3 miles. But long distance every day teach your body slow,enduring movements(if that makes sense) while sprints teach your body explosive movements which a pitcher obviously needs. So if you are going to run every day, which you should do, you should focus on sprints more than long distance.

from my personal experience, the long distance running help me with my pitching velocity. in general, it makes me fitter, and I feel like I can throw better. I think I got clocked at 70 last year and im up to 73 now, after my first season on an AAU/Cup soccer team

specialk, i dont know much about your specific case but if it is anything like mine was, youre still physically maturing which accounts for that small velo increase, most likely. i ran cross country first two years of high school and velo went from 73 to 81 after freshman year. still, it would be ludicrous to claim that my improvement was bkcause of running. i was in cardiovascular shape, but i was pathetically out of baseball shape. be careful giving credit to something like running…maybe if you had seen a huge velo increase that would be different

okay I see. you’re right i did have a big growth spurt this year, i went from 5-3 to 5-8 in one year. but i have to say running is helping some, as im light on my feet in the outfield and i feel like i can pitch deeper into ballgames this year.

To the original poster- Long distance running is a muscle burning activity, this would not be in your best interest.