5' 9" 15 yr old pitcher needing mechanical help

I like how your motion is quick from the stretch.

You drop your body as your leg bends but it stays back. I do not think you use gravity to assist you with delivery, as you seem to drop then push from the rubber more than stay up and kick out. I am not going to say this is wrong, it is the pitchers decision of what advice to listen to.

hey how’d u build that mound?

My neighbor had it originally in his backyard and he offered it to us so we moved the wood first then the dirt. We took clay from a local field that wasn’t using it to build it up.

What are your goals? How hard do you currently throw?

Nice cleats btw, i wore those last season.

I love everything about your delivery except one thing that is hard to teach because its really just a feeling. A lot of the time mechanics are hard for people to get because they get robotic and forget to feel a rhythm. One thing you need to do is: everything you explode with your top half have happen AFTER leg plant. This will make you’re explosive delivery more powerful.

and jlspencer206 can I see a video of this 90 mph fastball?