4th Pitch Help


I am a 12 y/o pitcher from MA who plays baseball all year. I throw a 2-Seam Fastball, 4-Seam Fastball, & Changeup. I need a fourth pitch (probably a breaking ball) that I can throw in games. Does anyone have any suggestions to what 1) that pitch should be & 2) how to develop it?



I wouldn’t recommend a breaking ball for another year or 2, focus on continuing to develop a changeup and constant command of your fastballs. I wasn’t allowed to learn a curve until I had a solid strike ratio in 2 inning game stimulation’s 15 pitches, 3 batters 5 minute rest between.


What you have right now is good enough for 12 year olds. Focus on locating your fastball and using your changeup effectively. You don’t need a breaking ball until high school.