4 year college or junior college?

a lot of people have been telling me its better to go to a junior college for your first couple of years to get playing time and then transfer to a big 4 year college…what are your views on the subject???

Usually, in a good 4 year college, freshmen won’t see much playing time. If you go to a juco, you will probably be a regular player for 2 years and then a regular player for 2 years at a 4 year college. You’ll also get more experience in those first two years.

It depends on your situation for example kids who may get drafted out of high school will often times sign with a JUCO and a D1 only to decide after the draft if they get undrafted or drafted late they will go to a D1 to further develop, if they get drafted in a decent round but feel they just need to straighten a few things out they will go to a JUCO for a year maybe two and then get drafted higher and sign, if not they will just go to a D1 after that and continue on the road.

As far as the playing time thats not a bad idea i guess though i would also add that it doesnt hurt going there as a freshman as you can learn alot and get into the progam.