4 Seam Movement?

I noticed recently that my son will have 2 seam type movement on his 4seam. His grip is correct. The pitch has no side to side movement only a drop. It also makes a louder hissing noise than normal. Any thoughts on cause?

It’s movement on a 4 seam be happy!

This is something you want, you never want to throw anything straight.

Tell him to keep doing what he’s doing.

Thanks for replying Wales. I just wish I had an idea of what he was doing? It’s not consistent.

Ah consistency that’s the kicker!

What Coaches did when I was younger and I didn’t know what exactly I was doing different was they’d tell me to try and remember what I did on that last pitch and describe everything to them and then they’d get me to throw another one and try to do what I did on the previous pitch.

It took some time but eventually it worked and it also helped me to learn the feel of my mech’s, grip and spin.

Hope this helps.

Forgot to mention it could be something as simple as finger pressure or how deep he is holding the ball in his hand.

He might be turning it over without even noticing. Check too see if his fingers are a little off-center on the left side of the ball that would cause the four seamer to have natural rotation yet with his fingers pushing off the left side of the ball it could cause it to drop.

Just trying to think what it could be, and it could be inconsistent because he could be consistently gripping the ball differently hence the here and there aspect of the movement.

And so what if the kid does something a little different with the grip every time? Nothing wrong with that, as long as he hits the strike zone and gets the batter out. 8)

My son was pulling the lead elbow towards first base, changing (lowering) his arm slot and not staying on top of the ball. Thanks for the helpful replies. Working on leading with the hip and greater acceleration to correct it.