4 seam, 2 seam

last inning i was throwing just 4 seam FB’s

i was worried about hitting the batter like i said in a previous thread and was always gettin balls outside on hitters

then i switched to my 2 seam and got 2 called strikeouts low and inside

anybody know y this is?

  1. Different pitch comes off your hand different
  2. Mental

kid kid, you’re thinking to much. focus on the mitt and only the mitt.

Because your arm action was the same, but you got the 4-6 inches of movement back into the zone that a 4 Seamer doesn’t have. So if you throw a 4 Seamer that hits the outside corner, then throw a 2 Seamer with the same mechanics, your aiming for the same place, but the 2 Seam movement tails and sinks a little to get your called strike. Continue to use both these pitches, because high 4 Seamers and sinking 2 Seamers can be an effective combo.