4 inch or 6 inch portable mound for 9yr olds?

I am looking at purchasing a portable mound for our 9U old baseball team. I know that the “regulation” height is 6 inches for our age group, but we all know that no two mounds are alike and they’ll likely vary from field to field… We’ve trained on flat ground for the summer to help develop their foundation for throwing mechanics, and now it’s time we work from the mound.

My question is - Would it make any real difference if we used a 4 inch practice mound instead of 6 inch? The price range for a 6 inch portable mound is $600-1,500, but the 4 inch versions are much more affordable in the $200-600 range. Obviously we would like to go with the cheaper option, but I do not the 2 inch difference to have a negative impact on my pitchers.

Thanks for any info in advance.

Just my opinion…

I think length and width are more important than height. Mounds that are not long enough in front of the rubber cause pitchers to shorten their stride do they don’t plant on the edge and slip off. This results in altered timing and mechanics which can affect performance and health.

Not enough room to the sides or rear of the rubber can also cause pitchers to alter their deliveries and can increase the chances of rolling an ankle.

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I had the same dilemma with purchasing a portable pitching mound for my son for the backyard. We went with the 4" pitching mound to save money. Looking back I wish I spent the extra money to go with the 6" mound. Just gets the kids use to pitching from that height, even though it’s not a big difference.