4 day split, or 3 day split?

Well, it’s getting to be that time of the year. Baseball will be ending in a couple of weeks here in the AK, and in saying that, what do you think is more effective? A 4 day split, or 3 day split? Strengh gains, muscle mass, etc??? But in this case, will talk about mass gains.

4 day split:

Monday: Upper
Tuesday: lower
Wed: off
Thursday: Upper
Friday: Lower



3 day split: varies

Monday: Back/bi
Tuesday: off
Wed: Chest/tri
Friday: legs/shoulders, or just legs.

Off days vary on individual and goals…

I like the 4-day better. I am doing a three day split right now, similar to what you posted. I think that it is pretty good for my purposes (cutting) because you can work with a lower weight and high reps. Since you are trying to add mass, I think you would want to lift heavy, right? On the three day splits, you need to at least 6 exercises per muscle. The 4day would let you get more aggressive with each lift, since you wont be hitting it as frequently in your workout.

Hope that made sense. My head hurts :x

I like the 4 day split for the same reasoning kc stated.
You can be explosive through all your lifts. Try and do all your legs on one day just doesn’t seem to work, atleast for me. Using a couple of days allows you to be very powerful through your lifts, and still get solid progression.

For me I have liked the 4 day split a lot. Just can’t separate body parts and have an effective work out. After perfoming a compound lift with power to muscular failure or that area, it’s just hard to do another compound on the same muscle groups with near the same degree of intensity.

Also I have been soaking up all the information as far as lifting and conditioning are concerned over the last several months. And I have noticed
several people recommending the 4 day split over the 3.

kc (I believe he said his major is in the sports training realm.)
Coach Griffin
As well as a couple other baseball related strength coaches.

Finally a benefit of the 4 day split is less time per session, which is generally a good thing. I have been done in under 45 minutes, completely exhausted and worked.

Go with the 4 day split. As an athlete, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to separate all the body parts.