Ive heard good things about the product. Lots of explosive weight training and mechanics work. Depending on where you are at getting to 90 could be no problem with the program. But if youre already 6’4 225 with tree trunk legs and solid mechanics I dont think it would help you. Weight is positively correlated with velocity. If youre under 180 lbs you probably still have room to add weight and 6 mph could come easily. It all depends on the work YOU put in though. 8)

Are PEDs part of this program? :shock: Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :smiley:

Brent’s VERY anti PED. He works primarily with college age and younger. Coach Paul, read some of the articles. there is a lot of good information on the site and he references alot of scientific studies to back up his points. Its not just opinion articles and fluff. And take a look at the video analysis that are done on the forums. I researched a ton of programs before I got the 3x program for my son. It was the only one that had mechanics, strength, and conditioning all in one program.

I’ve watched and read a lot of the material, and it seems sound, so no disrespect to the content. The advertising, however, is straight out of the Ron Popeil informercials or that guy with the boom mic selling the slap-chop.

Thats fine. He has a passion for what he teaches. That one section was a little over the top, but its not a theme that runs through the whole site. Lots of good articles, tips, and video analysis.

So BR,

Who would you recommend this product to?

[quote=“Wales Diesel”]So BR,

Who would you recommend this product to?[/quote]

My son started pitching his freshman year in HS. He had bad mechanics. Actually he had no mechanics. I started researching different programs that had been mentioned on this site. What caught my attention with the 3x program was all the articles on the site about mechanics and strength training. Scientific stuff, not some BS. Plus watching all the video analysis what he was saying just clicked. His program had conditioning, strength training, and mechanics. Most other programs only covered 1 or 2 of those. At the time it was more of an offseason program for about $67. Plus you got 5 video analysis with that. Not much risk. Its more expensive now, but he has the offseason, pre season, in season, beginner level, plus 2 advanced levels. Its step by step with calendars and video instruction so you can see the drills, lifts, and excercises you need to perform. I would recommend it for youth up through college.

Thanks for the review

Only because players on the large side are given far far far more opportunities.

Right. Larger is considered more durable, and to pass from rank to rank - that player would generally have a proportionately higher amount of lean body mass.

Not just ‘weigh more’.

Here is a good article on the subject: