3x pitching program

I am 14 in 8th grade and maxed out at 73. I’m looking to throw harder and have looked at top velocity a lot. Does anyone have any experience with it or know if it is legit? Because there are very few reviews out there.

I personally haven’t had experience with it myself but have had teammates who have used it. They’ve told me that it works even if its a bit expensive. Its alot of work and you have to be really dedicated to it to make it work. Plus, you have to do olympic lifts so your going to need to learn to do those. But, they are definitely worth doing.

My son was at 73 as an 8th grader. We did some stuff from TOP V particularly KOH and the medball throws. It did help him get to 78 by his Freshman HS season and 83 the summer between his Freshman and Sophomore (course some of that I credit to his body growing and maturing). But then he stalled and was around 84-85 his sophomore year (which was COVID year). This year as a senior he hit 90mph off the mound a couple times. It is expensive and a lot of work but so is a lot of other Velo programs like Texas and Florida Baseball Ranch.

From our experience when he started really working on getting off the mound with his legs his command went down but velo whet up. We moved away from the Olympic weights after the summer heading into his Freshman year and went into more single leg workouts such as split squats, forward and reverse lungs etc. We continued to use TOP V’s joint integrity workouts for shoulders.

One thing to keep in mind. Just by maturing and doing any type of strength training you will increase velo. So when you see the velo increases on Brent’s social media keep that in mind. Depending on your body type and body maturity I would recommend if you go that route to be patient. Although possible I would not expect to see the extremely fast velo increases at your age and continue to stay healthy. If you look through his website and notice the age of these pitchers that are hitting 90mph some are upper classmen in HS and many are in college. I would also recommend looking at other options as well such as Tread Athletics, Cressey Sports Performance, Eric Cressey (strength trainer for the Yankees), Advance Therapy and Performance (ATP), Dr Josh Heenan 90 mph formula, Zach Dechant (Baseball trainer for TCU).

I think TOP V is a great option but there are others that have the same success stories as well.

Good luck!