The most movement of any fastball. Easiest way to set this grip is to start with a two-seamer and slide the thumb up the horseshoe then extend the fingers along the top seam. Looking down on it you will see one seam under your fingers plus seams along both edges.

This is the way I throw my Sinker. It works well and I posted a pic inside,“Hope it shows”. I have found this grip to work the best with sinking movement. Have fun and I throw this at a 3/4 arm slot at 70-80mph. The slower you throw it put a tight spin on it for a giant break toward a RHB’s feet,assuming you throw RH’ed. For a power sink type movement just hold it like described above and throw as hard as you can just like your 4SFB. Give me any feed back or any results you get from this thread. Thanks, Keenan B.[/img]

[/img] Sorry I’m not sure how to post a image or I would show you the grip. I am new sorry.

This is the grip I am talking about. Look at the 3-d image on this link. This is how I hold my Sinker.http://www.baseball-fever.com/showthread.php?p=663171 [/url]

Anybody try this yet? How were your results?