3rd Pitch, need some opinions please

Arsenal: 4 seam, 2seam, cutter (all considered fastball)
Circle changeup

Delivery: Similar to Lincecums

Consistent velocity: 87-90
Good location

Never iced my arm or had pain either

please let me know your opinion.
Im 18 and about to play college so i need something else to mix in

Thank you

Assuming ur circle change is effective, try a curveball or a slider. Just to throw the batters off and give them something else to think about.

Defintely want to go with the curve. Its good that you’ve already devoloped your fastball and have your change up. I’d just say curve makes the most sense.

Slider is a bit easier to learn and control, especially since you are already throwing a cutter which for most pitchers is just a hard slider with a bit less wrist action. Curve is easier on the arm. You probably need to work on both and decide which fits in best with the way you pitch. Then pick one and focus on developing it.

it really depends on your pitching style. most power pitchers tend to throw a slider while most finess pitchers throw a curveball. alot of good pitchers throw both. for instance look at johan santana. he throws a 4 seam, 2 seam, circle change, curve, and slider. if your pitching in a college program they should have a pitching coach who can help you develop your pitches. i don’t see how you got so far on just a fastball and change up.

“i don’t see how you got so far on just a fastball and change up.”

I never really needed to use anything other than the best combo in the game. My poise on the mound is intimidating as it is. 6’3" 230 lean

Id hit my spots and keep everything low but you know now i need something else to make em scratch their heads.

I was told to try a forkball. What do you think. I tried a curve and its hard lol I dont think im throwing it properly.Tips :slight_smile:

Honestly i think your fine how you are. A 2-seam and Cutter are very much opposites one goes one way other goes opposite and a 4-seam and change-up are opposites one fast one slow less movement. Oh yea they all come out with the same arm action which is a huge plus as long as your throwing them right the hitter has no clue whats coming. If i had that velocity i don’t think personally I’d need another pitch. Maby you should rethink and master those that would seem easier than learning a new pitch to me. Or change the cutter to a slider.

Your Choice