3rd Base Mitt?

I play 3rd base as my secondary position, and right now have an 11.5 inch glove. My coach said that I should try something bigger, especially because I also play some outfield. I like Wilson A2000’s, and I’m looking at Josh Hamilton’s model glove. It’s a 12.5 inch glove with a trapeeze web, which I think I should be fine using for pitching. Is that a little too big for 3rd? If so, what size should I get?

You should try several different models and sizes so you can find out which one(s) you would feel most comfortable using. Maybe you’ll find that you need a couple of different ones for the different positions—most major leaguers who play more than one position will do this.

an 11.5 mitt should be fine, I grew up playing middle infield with a 10.75 and moved to third and used the same glove, if you stay down on the ball and watch it in you wont need a bigger glove then what you already have