39 Lessons for Little League Pitchers

Found this on betterpitching.com
and I thought it was rather good.

39 Lessons for Little League Pitchers

  1. Always throw with a purpose.

  2. Warm up to throw, don’t throw to warm up.

  3. Keep your head up. There are few things worse than moping on the mound.

  4. It’s okay to fail.

  5. Everyone has bad days… It’s not about getting knocked down, it’s about getting back up.

  6. The harder you work, the tougher it is to quit.

  7. Pick up your teammates.

  8. Don’t call out your teammates when they make an error.

  9. Focus on what you can control… your next pitch.

  10. You don’t need 16 different pitches.

  11. Control your breathing. Slow, relaxing breaths can help you stay calm and focused.

  12. Every pitcher is different – develop your own style.

  13. Keep your self-talk positive (read more here).

  14. The ump is not out to get you.

  15. Any day you get to suit up and play baseball is a blessing.

  16. Always eat a good breakfast.

  17. See the pitch in your mind before you go into your motion. Give yourself a mental blueprint.

  18. Don’t try to strike everyone out.
    “I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it.” – Sandy Koufax

  19. Attack the strike zone.

  20. Listen to your arm… don’t fight through soreness, it’s the only pitching arm you’ve got!

  21. If your arm is sore, tell your coach.

  22. Dream big!

  23. Play catch more, pitch in games less.

  24. It’s not all about mechanics – it’s tough to throw strikes when you’re worried about where your elbow is.

  25. It’s okay to get angry or frustrated… Breathe and let it out before making your next pitch.

  26. Treat your coaches with respect.

  27. Coaches… treat your players with respect!
    Like how I snuck that one on there?

  28. No pitcher has ever been perfect every time out there… just do your best.

  29. Don’t be too cocky… the best pitchers know they can always get better.

  30. Focus on your target… If you’re worried about hitting the batter, and your eyes are looking at the batter… you’re going to hit the batter!

  31. Have a mantra… something like, “Good, low strike here.”

  32. Field your position. Once the ball leaves your hand, you become another fielder.

  33. Practice your delivery until you can repeat it with your eyes closed.

  34. Focus on the process, not the outcome… success will come from making good pitches.

  35. Keep it simple… work fast, throw strikes.

  36. Watch more baseball! You can learn a lot from watching major league pitchers work.

  37. If you can’t command your fastball, don’t waste time working on 3 different off-speed pitches.

  38. Respect the hitter – don’t show him up when you strike him out.

  39. Study the game… there were some pretty great pitchers that came before you. Learn from them!

Like it a lot! Going to print this out for my son and might make a small list…laminate it and put it in his bag for those days when he is pitching.

number 6 can be applied to anything in life.

Was this list made by someone that just really digs prime numbers or something? 39 rules? Really? :lol:

I do like the list though.

Wow…this is great stuff. Thank you for posting.

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Great post!!