300 Spartan Workout

Any know of this from what i have read it is the real deal, all i know is that u do 300 total reps of different exercises w/o resting, I believe that they are old school lifts no isolation stuff and u perform the lifts fast, but thats all i know on it. Does anyone have anymore info on it?

It was a benchmark routine they used in training. Something to they essence of “I was able to complete it” I wouldn’t call it a routine to do at all.

I’m extremely impressed with the training they did, but it was to look good really, nothing to do with baseball.

Quoted from link at the bottom:

The second misconception surrounds the idea of the Spartan workout, aka “300”, how frequently it was done or who actually finished it. “300” is a one-time test, an invitation-only challenge undertaken by those deemed ready for it. By the end of our four-month project 17 people had done the workout (Logan and I were two of them). This constitutes about 50% of the cast and stunt crew. We supervised every test, evaluated each rep for quality and only counted those that achieved our standards for form and range of motion. Like many workouts “300” is not hard once you’ve done it but the apprehension built up ahead of it – something we encouraged – was enough to make some guys fear it to the degree that performance was compromised. This workout was a crucible that some passed through and others still have hanging over them.

25x Pull-up +
50x Deadlift @ 135# +
50x Push-up +
50x Box Jump @ 24” box +
50x Floor Wiper @ 135# (one-count) +
50x KB Clean and Press @ 36# (KB must touch floor between reps) +
25x Pull-up
300 reps total

Article can be found here: http://www.gymjones.com/knowledge.php?id=35

i know it doesnt really pertain to baseball but what a heck of a workout it would be just something different to shock my muscles in the off-season but i dont think ill be doing the 300 reps but it wouldbe a goal to work towards, just a thought thats all, got to love the simplicity of it though

I’ve completed it a couple of times but you gotta work your way up to it. You should start with about 100 reps and work your way to 300. Also this is one of many workouts the actor were put through. They never did the same workout twice.

Definately, if anyone desires to do such a thing, even if your able to, but just barely, you aren’t ready yet.

Your nervous system would be just smashed, and you would be at risk for severe overtraining.

Unless your body is completely prepared to undergo the task, your DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) would be incredible, and you honestly wouldn’t want to move for a couple of days.
Unless your lucky and a genetic freak, in which case you’d hop right out of bed, with full range of motion and ready to do the workout again, lol.

I should mention also that along with baseball specific exercises I also bodybuild a bit, and im in the gym about 6 days a week, and it still took me a while to work my way up to doin the whole program with good from. So make sure the 100 rep routine becomes easy before you attempt the 300 rep workout.