30 Year old pitcher making a return to the game

Hi everyone,

My name is John and I used to pitch, catch, and play SS until i was about 16 years old. About 3 years ago i started playing softball which is fun but it isn’t baseball. This year, two of my friends have gotten in a baseball league (i think it is like 25-35 yr. age group or so). After watching them yesterday, I think that next season I want to get back into playing. I can play most positions, but i’d most like to get back into pitching. Currently I’m 6’1" and 185 lbs. I haven’t been working out lately but do have an imitation bowflex in the basement i use occassionally, when it isn’t functioning as a clothes hanger :smiley: .

At any rate, I would like some advice of where to start. Obviously i would like to start throwing some pitches a couple times a week just to work on getting some pitches back, or learning some new ones. But what about other training and/or workouts? I have had some bursitis in my shoulder in the past, but mainly due to sleeping on it funny…nothing structural I know of. Here’s the questions i would like answered if you all can help a new old timer.

  1. What kind of strength training or stretching exercises should i begin to get going for next year?

  2. If i start throwing some pitches, how many should i limit myself to and how many days per week? Also include any warm up throws…i really don’t remember this stuff.

  3. Is there a limit to the types of pitches i should try to throw. I am the kind of person who would want to learn all of them…so it would be great if someone can tell me why i WOULDN’T want to do that. If so, which should i start with and then maybe graduate to?

  4. Anything else i should know? I am wanting to basically start now and then continue through the winter…just trying to make sure i don’t get hurt and also fine-tuning some pitches. Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated!


I made a comeback last year after 9 years away … what I did was just jump right in and learn where I was by trial and error … One season and a year later I’m a better pitch than I was when I was 18 … it took A LOT of tinkering and studying pitchers on TV, watching in slow-mo … Last year I would get hit with these sudden bouts of incredible wildness… but now I’m the strike-throwing machine I Knew I could become again … I’ve really become obsessed … to the dismay of my loved ones … You’ve got a different body now, you’ve gotta learn what you can do with it on the mound…

beware of cramps popping up your lead hip.