3 guys amateur league


Hi! Just filmed three guys from my team at a pre-game practice. Could you please have a look and tell me, what are the major flaws in their motion?


Well, to me these all three semm <80 mph arms… But I would say first, take care of how you throw… don’t look that much for speed, but for fluency, I mean throw efficiency, athleticity in the movement…
The first to guys were 5/10. The last guy has honestly a terrible arm action for pitching. I’ll enter details later.

FIRST GUY: Quite nice leg lift, load of his back leg, but struggles a little coming out of it although he’s got some decent sweep action of the lead leg which is good. At foot plant, his arm isn’t in a especially "dangerous position. My flags would be that he’s pushing a little too much with his glove arm (a.k.a. flying open) which as you know is hard on the SHOULDER, so you should just try to get to release properly, nice and closed all four points (pitching and non-pitching elbows and shoulders) lined in both vertical and horizontal planes. He’s got a decent follow thru, and from this I dare to say he’s the hardest thrower, and the least risky.

SECOND GUY: So this big lefty is got quite ways to go better. His leg lift is ok, his load of the back leg is poor. He seems to need to build up on those legs to firmly drive and fall Now from the point his leg starts to sweep frontwards is where I see slight issues. Like guy #1 he is also flying open with the glove side, and that comes from his unorthodox glove side action. At foot plant he’s trying to show that ball away from him, which is BAD. I wouldn’t say his mechanics are that bad but rather greatly inefficient

THIRD GUY: Sigh… you’ve got the longest way to go kid. I’ll say your greatest issue is your PITCHING ARM ACTION. I’ll give you a couple names that had arm actions like yours: Matt Harvey & Jeremy Bonderman. You know what happened to them right, lots of really really awful SHOULDER problems. First and foremost, draw a line by your two shoulders and bring that elbow BELOW that line. It’ll make it a waaay better. Second, the other arm. Stop flying open, everything kept nice and closed, elbows and shoulders just in line like a train. Third and last, your lower body. Work on how to load and unload properly. The thing is is that you build momentum as you get closer to foot land, but you gain nothing because you build nothing. As you go out of the leg lift you’re just sitting, but going nowhere. From all I’d tell you to look for great pitcher pictures and compare each respective phase to your own still frame and see how could you fix that.

Greeting from Colombia


Thanks for your reply! It’s great to read such a thorough analysis! The guys are trying really hard, but the problem is we are recreational league, and all those guys are non-pros, and all of them started playing baseball just 2-3 years ago. And all of them are in their late 20s - early 30s. So 80 mph seems almost like an unachievable goal. However, what we want them to do is to learn a good throwing motion and develop decent control, just like you said. I’m sure your advice will help, thanks a lot!