3 finger changeup

When i throw a 3 finger changeup i put pressure on all my fingers but i can never throw it for a strike. Any advice?


fastball 80-83

looser grip not too loose

i dont got my camera otherwise id show you my changeup grip, its really easy to use and a real good pitch. ill try and explain, put your index and middlefinger together and split the ring finger off. put the ring finger allong the horseshoe and the other 2 fingers across the opposing seams and down a lil bit. it will create a split but not a deep split and will alow for a lil looseness but alot of control and just throw it like the fastball.

13 year old throwing 83?

You don’t wanna put pressure on it.

Take the strength off of your hand.

Let it be loose and free, just like kelphinp said.

thanks for the replys im going to try to put less pressure on the ball