3 days rest, lose speed? endurance?

What are your experiences with going on three days rest?

No arm pain?

Usually after three days I have some mild and lingering tenderness in the front of my elbow, below the bicep, and behind my armpit… it’s light soreness…

My experience has been that if I throw anything but a VERY light side session it will cause for the pain to re-emerge in warm-ups the next time I throw …

Some guys need longer recovery time… I think I’m one of those guys.

It sounds like you might need to strengthen your decellerators. There are 3 muscle groups that accelerate the arm but only 2 muscle groups to decellerate the arm. On top of that, the arm decellerates in about half the time it takes to accelerate. When working on strengthing the arm, always work the front and back and work the back more than the front.

I throw upper 80’s and i always throw a lot more sinkers because my ball gets really heavy when it is working on less rest. I don’t lose much velocity, but my movement always increases. I sometimes will have back stiffness, but my arm is fresh.