3 Best or favorite pitches for a lefty?

Looking for suggestions for theBest complimentary 3 pitches for left handed pitchers. Lets say for high school hoping to get into college. I love to work off a 2 seamer. From there im working on a fork change up. Beyond a 4 seamer i might use at the end of the count i dont really have a 3rd pitch.

Lefties that have a lot of run on their 2 seam are deadly. Back it up with a 4 seam, it will still have some run for a lefty. Then the nail in the coffin, is a hard slider. Keep the velocity up on the slider to give it late break in the opposite direction as the run on the fastballs. Learn to throw each with control and you can have a long career.

I’m a lefty myself and like the guy above me said both my 4 seam and especially 2 seam fastball have enough natural tail to them that they are basically sinkers and get plenty of groundballs. As for junk pitches I use a curveball grip and throw it with different arm angles almost like Rich Hill(not as effective lol) which will turn it from a 12/6 curve to a near slider depending on my arm slot. Depending on your age or really just in general be careful throwing junk all the time or you will end up like me with a torn rotator cuff or a bum elbow. And my last pitch which I was told was my best was a circle change up. I had an easier time controlling it than a regular change and it had way more movement. Just make sure you throw it with the same arm speed as a fastball so you don’t tip it off to the batter and/or lose control of it. So I found success with basically three pitches(fastball,curve,circle change) but turned the fastball and curve in to about 5 different pitches depending on my grip and angle. Good luck to you and I hope this helps some, take care of your arm so you don’t end up hurt like me cause I can’t wait to pitch again!!