3 Assessments Every Coach, Parent Or Player Should Learn!

3 Quick and Easy Assessments Every Baseball Coach, Player & Parent Should Learn!

Let me know if these help:

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Hope it helps!

Great info.
If someone is doing the straight leg lift and you see the hips “roll” or the opposite knee bend can this be an indication of flexibility issues as well as mobility? I know you have posted before about the difference between flexability and mobility. In most cases (I am assuming) someone who can not keep the leg they are lifting totally straight will have some of these other cues happening.
This is great information you are sharing. My sons travel team situation is fairly common I think in that the guys who run it are “game smart”…good coaches who know the game, but, there has been nearly zero attention paid to training. If a guy gets nicked up or has recurring soreness or whatever the symptom is addressed but it doesnt get deeper than that. In an ideal world coaches in travel or high school program would start by assessing and addressing existing weaknesses.
Thanks again for the demonstration.


Thanks for the kind words. The guys demonstrating the assessment are really good at what they do. They handle all of the strength/clinical side of BaseballThinkTank and I do the pitching with another guy doing the hitting. We try to separate ourselves from others that claim to be a strength coach/pitching coach. So, to make a long story short, if you leave a comment on the site, the strength guys will respond promptly.

Thanks again

Great stuff Thinktank