3/4 Shirts

I cant find them any where UA dont make one? The tight fit

You buy the long sleeve and just cut it.

Buy a long sleeve and cut it off where you want it…

im not doing that the end will fray and it wont be that tight

I’ve done it to a couple of long sleeve shirts - yes, the under armouer style material. It didn’t fray either. They aren’t blue jeans.

It really doesn’t fray. I’ve always used my mom’s fabric cutter. Pretty much like a pizza cutter

what’s the purpose behind wearing 3/4 sleeves anyways? The way i look at it, you should have long sleeves or short sleeves… each having their own pro’s and cons… but when you wear a 3/4 sleeve shirt you take away one good advantage of wearing sleeves… the advantages is that sleeves hide your forearm muscle, and connective tissue in your wrist, which can move quite a bit and be quite obvious to a hitter while adjusting your pitch grip in your glove…

so you’re in the stretch, with a fastball grip… go to your glove, switch to a curveball grip, all the muscles in your forearm and wrist start working to move the ball around, and a good hitter see’s that, and is no longer thinking about a fastball, he’s thinking about that curveball you’re about to serve up.

Obviously not a big deal with that whole idea, as many pitchers never wear sleeves period… but it’s part of the reason to wear sleeves (if you ask me at least) and the other reason is of course that you want to keep your arms warm…

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