3/4 Pitcher looking for an edge

I’m a 3/4 right handed high school pitcher. I have good mechanics but want to tweak my mechanics a bit to suite my arm angle. Is there a way to tweak my mechanics to suit my arm angle so that I can pitch safely and effectively?

also during the leg lift phase and going into the power position, should I move the lifted leg down and out or straight out while collapsing my back leg? I want to use my legs in my motion effectively. Thanks

I’d say that would depend on what your current mechanics look like. Of course, without seeing you pitch, it’s tough to say.

I believe in getting the hips moving forward early and fast and still having a high knee lift. That tends to leave only enough time for the front foot to take a fairly direct path to foot plant. As for collapsing the back leg, I know a certain amount of “collapse” is normal but I don’t like too much. Better to start with the knees bent so almost all motion is toward the target - not side-to-side or up-and-down.