3/4 Art Slop Pitches

I have a pitcher that has a 3/4 - side arm delivery. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what his pitch arsenal could be. Right now he has a slider, fastball, and change up. I am wanting to give him one more but the arm slot is giving me trouble.

Your idea of ¾ might be different than mine, so I’d like you to consider more than just the angle of his arm in relation to the ground. Looking at his shoulders, are they parallel to the ground at the same time his arm is 45 degrees above parallel to the ground?

Boomer, I don’t see why you should be concerned about the pitcher’s arm angle. You say he throws somewhere between 3/4 and sidearm, right? And his repertoire is one of the deadliest to be found anywhere—fastball, slider, changeup, and many pitchers have had great success with this combo over the years. As long as he’s got the control to go with his stuff—if he’s locating his pitches and getting the batters out— he’s doing all right. So I suggest—very strongly—that you leave his arm slot alone. If you want to add another pitch, consider either the sinker (basically a two-seam fast ball) or a split-finger pitch, or perhaps a circle change—any one of those would be a good addition to his arsenal. Oh yeah—if this guy throws sidearm, he might do well to pick up the crossfire—this is a beautiful and lethal move that works only with the sidearm delivery, and it will work with any pitch. 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher: