3/4 Arm Slot

My coach recently has tried to change my arm slot from directly over the top, to a 3/4… he says its not as much changing the arm slot, as it is standing me upright. When i threw directly over the top… I let my head and stuff droop in order to get the arm all the way up there. Now hes trying to stadn me up straight and have me throw from a 3/4 arm slot. to me this feels like i am throwing directly side arm. back when i was a kid i used to throw from this slot but years and years of mechanics and drills put me directly on top of the ball. What should i be doing to get to that slot again. I also feel my velocity dropped from when i went from 3/4 to the top. I used to throw a lot harder with 3/4 and it seems i lost most of it. My coach tried to get me to do a drill in which i just try to throw the ball as hard as i could from whichever slot was natural to me… but i still got mechanical and i just thought about the arm slots too much. Does anyone have any advice that can help me out?

My pitching coach of way back when—an active major-league pitcher—firmly believed that every pitcher has a natural motion, and so what he would do with that pitcher was show him or her how to make the most of it. He would not change it. I was a natural sidearmer, and he noticed this when he was showing me how to throw a good slider, so he took it from there and helped me take full advantage of this most exasperating of pitching deliveries. I had picked up the crossfire on my own, and he helped me refine it. And this infuriating sidearmer pitched for more than 20 years and won lots of games and saved many more.
I would suggest that you just stop what you’re doing, pull back and take a look at your situation. What was your natural delivery, and how and why did it work for you—and who told you to change it? For what purpose? And what steps can to take to get back to what worked for you? Think about it—and then get a good pitching coach, one who knows his elbow from third base, to work with you. 8)