3/4 arm angle

I was a 3/4 pitcher in little league. Then when i moved to the 60’6 mound i changed to overhand. The reason was because the 3/4 was not working getting hitters out and the velocity was low. But since my Elbow injury im going to go back to 3/4 arm slot. The injury was not bad but i think with the 3/4 i can get better movemeant mabey.
What pitches are the best for a 3/4 pitcher that doesnt want to throw a curve or slider.
The pitches I throw right now are 4 seam, 2 seam, Splitter and a changeup. Are these good pitches for a 3/4 arm slot.

That sounds like a good set of pitches. Make sure your grip for the splitter has the thumb is centered below the “V” formed by the index and middle fingers. Otherwise you may have a tendency to supinate which creates the same issues as the curve and slider.

CLARIFICATION: If you let the thumb creep up the side of the ball towards the index finger, that creates the tendency to supinate.

do you have any pitures of a good grip for a splitter?