2x tommy john free agent givin it 1 more shot

So i just found this website a few minutes ago and i was very impressed and never knew it exsisted.
Well I had Tommy John surgery in Nov of 2007, Ulnar nerve transposition Sep of 2008, and Tommy John again Oct of 2010. I Have always been one step ahead of the game bc people said i was naturally gifted. Touching 94mph in highschool and 97 in Junior college, sitting around 90-93. I was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2006 as a draft and follow due to off-season minor knee surgery. Released at the end of the 2007 season bc i missed half the year with a sprained UCL ligament in my R elbow and wasn’t drafted again dispite having a 1.85 ERA in 80 innings.

 So I had never lifted weights to improve my performance, had never been in "actual shape". I had just recently started lifting with my buddy who was a football player and at Iowa, so for the past 2 1/2 months ive been doing the same lifts hes been doing. Just the regular chest,arms,back,legs, and shoulders with abs and cardio.

  Since then I have got a bit stronger and more in shape but it wasnt enough, so starting next monday im switching to olympic style power and speed lifts along with medicine ball work outs for explosive speed and power and lateral movements that mimic pitching with a weighted vest, while still doing abs, cardio, sprints and now stretching full body everyday.

 I started my throwing program febuary 4th and am still not on the mound yet. I'm being cautious and waiting till im in good pitching shape before i start. I'm 6'2, 214lbs, and a body fat of 12%.

I know i can be back into the 90’s and i have the confidence bc after the first one i was still 90-93 touching 95 @ 95 % before i blew it out the 2nd time.

Working as hard as i can to get my one chance to show everyone what i can do !

Thanks and will keep everyone posted!


it must have really sucked having all that talent and getting injured so much.
i really look forward to seeing your progress
good luck man on the rest of your career

Good Luck man…long path, your positive attitude will get you along way down the road.

Thanks guys for your support. People may not think those little positive comments do much, but i will tell you it mean a whole lot to know that people you have never met before believe in you, and to give best of luck. So thank you!

  Well i decided not to wait till next week to start my new workout routine, I thought to myself why wait when i can start now ! So i ordered my weighted vest yesterday but didnt use it since i dont have it yet.

       Yesterdays workout.

    1. Lunch hour @ work- 1hr full body and specific pitching stretches.
    2. 5:15pm, off work at 5:00pm- Went to elementary school around the corner from my house and threw into fence( no one to play catch with)
    3. 5 min from a knee at 15ft
    4. 5 min from 40ft
    5. 7 min from 90ft
    6. 7 min from 120ft
    7. 5 min from 60 ft - no wind up flat ground.
    8. mile jog then 12-20yrd sprints

    9. Gym- 20 min cardio ( stairmaster )
    10. deadlift- 4 sets 6-8reps
    11. box squats bar behind head- 2 sets 10-12reps/ front box squat- 2 sets 10-12reps
    12. Rows/seated - 4 sets 6-8reps
    13. standing calf raises - 3sets 12-15 reps
    14. box jumps & side lunges - superset together 3sets 10-12reps

    15. med-ball workout - 12lbs med ball throws to the floor- 4sets 12reps 
    16. balance half ball w/ partner 20ft apart 8lb medball overhead soccer toss. 3sets 12reps
    17. squat jumps with 12lb med ball 4sets 12reps. 
    18. 20 min cardio ( eliptical )
    19. lower/obliqe/and upper ab work. 3sets each 12reps

Ice shoulder and elbow w/ muscle stem.

Yesterdays routine ;
1. Stretching at lunch time 1-2pm.

  2. gym at 5:15pm- Med-ball throw downs 12lbs 4sets 10reps
  3. sit ups on ball w/- 12lb med ball 4sets 10reps
  4. Twists w/Cable- 4sets 12reps
  5. Legs throw downs- 3sets 30seconds
  6. Half ball balance, med ball throws 8lbs 12ft - 3sets 12reps
  7. sit ups with 6lb med ball with toss to partner- 3sets 12reps

  8. dumbell bench press on ball while alternating arms- 4sets 8reps
  9. Incline dumbell bench press while alternating arms - 4sets 8reps
  10. Cable chest flys- 4sets 8reps
  11. tricep dips- 4sets 8reps
  12.decline chest w/cable on balance half ball -4sets 8reps. 
  13. box jumps & jump pull-ups ( on half ball ) superset'ed- 3sets 10 reps
  14. ab crunch machine. 4sets 12reps


   1. 5min from a knee 
   2. 5 min from 40ft.
   3. 5 min from 90ft.
   4. 7 min from 120.
   5. 7min from 150ft.
   8. 5 min from 190.
   8. 5min from 215ft.
   9. 5 mim from 120ft
   10. 5min from 90ft 
   11. 7 min from 60ft w/ alittle flat ground work

Ice and stem; shoulder and elbow.

Todays workout

  1. Stretched at lunch for 1 hr.
  2. starting at 5:15pm Throwing.
  3. 5min from a knee.
  4. 5 min from 40ft.
  5. 5 min from 90ft.
  6. 5min from 120ft.
  7. 7 min from 160ft.
  8. 7 min from 200ft.
  9. 5 min from 240ft.
  10. 5 min from 120ft
  11. 5min from 60ft. working on control and pitching mechanics from flat ground.

Gym session

  1. deadlifts 4x8
  2. box squats 4x8
  3. good mornings 4x8
  4. variations of push-ups. 4x25
  5. box jumps 4x12
  6. jump pull-ups 4x8
  7. couple games basketball
  8. 3 mile jog

Ice and stem for shoulder/elbow