22 Not old yet

I’m 22, 23 in late December, Have already played 15 Seasons of baseball, and haven’t played a game in a little over a year and a half now.
I started off great and got all the way into high school and was very succesful. A little pain in my shoulder lead to an arm surgery fall of senior year in high school and kept me out of a good college. So I went to a community college and played baseball there. After my arm healed up I did well in college to. My 2nd year in college I started to become plagued with leg injuries, my right and then left achilles both got injured bad enough that I had to goto physical therapy for both, and then my right hip flexor put me in a chair for two weeks. Over the course of about 6 months I eventually got fat and didn’t even make the cut in community college. Seemed like I was always too sore to throw, and doing so anyways resulted in a bad performance that lacked velocity and control.

I have a great job now, and I hate it I wish I were still throwing a baseball. I’m not too old yet to think about trying out for a minor league team somewhere but I face some big issues like learning how to strength train -intellegently- not like how I spelled that :stuck_out_tongue:.

I can still throw the ball hard (and do throw with my friend still) so I haven’t got off my game, I"m just bad out of shape. I came here seeking all the advice from what I percieve as a community more knowledgable about baseball then any backwoods coach I’ve had soo far… (stretch it out and throw guys…)

Gloats; (Freshmen year in Community college) 15 Starts,
-6 Completed games, 5 of which we won, 3 of which I only allowed one run.
-I had an ERA of less then 5, a record of about 7-6 with like 3 no decisions, something like that.
-Best Radar day-> 3 pitches thrown 89 mph, I maintained 87mph over about 25 Pitches… (This was what we called quickiebullpenday).

I hope to be a good student in your forums