21 Yr Old Video


I’ve been working on staying back with my upper body but I’ve noticed that my head is now moving a lot. In the past the more my head moves the worse my control is. Do I need to change anything and how should I work on it?



In what direction(s) do you see your head moving? I see it moving back towards 2B and down.


I don’t see him moving his hip forward until just before his front leg starts down. Then, it looks like rather than falling forward, he pushes his hip out but tilts his trunk back, defeating any forward momentum he has gained.

I’m open for critique of my critique!!!


I think you nailed it. And that lack of momentum appears to lead to a fairly short stride.


I think your dipping back is a bit extreme but if it works, hey.
On your back leg, your losing torsion. Basically your knee is kind on the inside, more internally rotated than externally. The reason you want to maintain torsion is because, whenever you externally rotate, the reaction is internal rotation of the drive leg, which is a huge factor in hip to shoulder separation. If it’s already internally rotated, the hip rotation isn’t as much