2023 RHP looking for a mechanics check up please

Any thoughts from those knowledgeable would be appreciated…

Close to Pole-vault Pitching: Latest Victim of Pole-vault Pitching (Straight-Front Leg Landing)

Tim Lincecum doesn’t pitch any more because he threw like this.

Thank you for the response but not sure exactly what you mean? He should not stabilize on the front leg?

No, not in this way. The bent front leg pitching of yesteryear is superior in several ways. Rather than tell you about the physics (as I’m a physics professor involved with sports) I’ll direct you to another article I wrote:

New Britain, CT: Home of the World's Fastest Fastball

I understand.

Is it possible that Dalko could not throw a strike because of the front leg bend? I prefer not to retool his entire mechanics at his age just because a bent front leg “might” be better then a stabilized front leg.

Nolan Ryan stabilized on his front leg.

We are trying to pick up another 3-5 mph and other then the obvious… gaining strength and weight, are there any velocity leaks in his current mechanics?

You cannot strikeout 24 batters in a game without throwing a strike and therefore the bent front leg did not prevent Dalko from doing what no straight front leg pitcher could possibly do.

If you want to straighten the front leg, then do so after you have released the ball (well, after you have released the ball). Your use of the word stability is where you stumble (sorry for the pun - that’s what physics professors do). You might try thinking of stability as I do in this instance: the strength to endure a force as the bent leg (in the case of a squat or forward lunge) is stable due to muscular contraction. A good stunt man knows to bend his legs when falling forward - not to stiffen them. Think of pitching off the mound as falling off the mound. The late Dick Mills was one of the few pitching coaches who realized the difference between pitching down and throwing up (not as in regurgitation).

Gotcha Dr. TY. See any other Velo leaks other then the “non bend” front leg?

Instead of speaking in terms of velocity leaks you might consider ways to move the body, which enhance velocity. When someone says velocity leak to a physics professor it suggests a motion with an established set of parameters from which one can analyze how energy (in your case velocity) is leaked as the motion moves from start to finish. In other words, you might try something new instead of having me analyze what you are currently doing. As I think you could try new things to do such as Power-Pronation:

When I Pronate - I Don't Pronate - I Power-Pronate