2019 lefty chasing the dream

I am just getting started with this log to document my journey.

Summer before Freshman Year:

  • I was 5’7" 115lb throwing around 65 mph. I consider myself a late bloomer! My dad is 6’2’ so I should get up to 6 feet.
  • I threw a 4 seam fastball and a curve. The curve was nasty. Could not get my change-up to work well though.
  • My goal last summer was to get plenty of mound time and get to 130lb and above 70mph by Feb.
  • Played up during the summer with a 15U showcase team in the SE. That was fun!
  • Played with my high school’s summer team. Basically lots of scrimmages against other schools.
  • I did Parisi speed school strength program all summer.
  • Continued working with my pitching coach every week.

Fall 2015 - Freshman Year:

  • Continued with the showcase organization’s 15U team in the Fall as a pitcher only.
  • I did Parisi speed school strength program in the Fall when the high school wasn’t doing baseball workouts.
  • Clocked at 67-68mph fastball in November at tryouts for the summer 2016 team.
  • Fall GPA 4.2
  • Height was increasing!

Winter 2015:

  • Continued to meet with my pitching coach weekly. He had me following a throwing program over the winter. He started to dial me back in in January before high school tryouts. I definitely gained velocity, but we did not have a gun to measure it.
  • Weight training with the baseball team.
  • Met with a hitting instructor twice per week.

Spring 2016:

  • Made the JV team. Struggled early in the season with location. It took a few weeks to really tweek my mechanics. Finished the season strong!
  • I turned 15 in March. As of May, I am 5’9" 132lb.
  • Will play summer with a 15U showcase team in the SE.
  • Will play some summerball with my high school.
  • Will do Parisi strength all summer.

Short Term Goals:

  1. Get Stronger!
  • Be more purposeful with what I eat.
  • Hit the weights and be consistent with workouts and training. I want to add muscle! I will add more details as I get it hammered out.
  1. I really want to hit 80mph by Feb 2017.
  • discuss and layout a strategy with my pitching coach. I’ll add more details as I get it hammered out.

I just wanted to post an update.
Summer 2016
Finished Freshman year with a 4.15 GPA.
Played on a 15U showcase team in the SE during the summer.
Played in my first PG event - the 15U WWBA at LakePoint and made the All-tourney Team as a pitcher. That was really fun!

September 2016 - January 2017
I consistently did a baseball specific group workout with a trainer 5 days per week from August 26,16 -Jan 27, 17.
Upper Body and Core Mon, Thurs
Lower Body Tues, Friday
Wed was a recovery day. We did stretching, yoga and/or foam rolling.

I did not play fall baseball. I continued to do long toss and throwing.
I’ve spent the past month really working on my change-up. I have nice movement, but I am having trouble finding the right release point. Bullpens are starting for high school. Tryouts will be in mid-Feb.

I am 5’10"
On 8/26/16 I weighed 135. On 1/20/17 I weighed 145. 10lb gain of lean muscle!!
I have not been gunned recently so I have no idea if I gained velocity yet.

My cumulative GPA is a 3.9 unweighted now.