2018 Grad-RHP

I have followed this site for a very long time, decided to start up a log. I am going into my senior year and have not had any interest from college coaches. Hopefully that will change this year and if not, I will plan on trying out for the team. At this point, I would love to continue baseball, but realistically I will end up choosing my college based on academics, not athletics. However I am not going to let that stop me from having the best season of my life this upcoming year.

Velo: High 70’s-low 80’s(just an estimate from my coach, have not been gunned)
Arm Slot: Low 3/4-sidearm

Pitches: 2 Seam Fastball
Knuckle Curve

I stopped throwing the spliter halfway through this year because it was putting a lot of stress on my shoulder and I was experiencing some shoulder problems this year.

Review of this season: This was my best year pitching so far. My velocity went up from the low 70’s all the way up to where it is now without doing any lifting. I feel confident that with weight training I should be able to sit in the 80’s consistently this upcoming year. Also, I finally got my curve ball working and it was a great strikeout pitch this year. I was able to strike out more batters while walking less people too. This season I just felt a lot more confident and I want to continue that success into next season. On a somewhat side note, my hitting was a lot better too. I always had a great swing in practice(coaches would compliment my swing), but it never really translated into games. But this season I was able to stay loose in the box and pound the ball. It felt great.

Plans: I got registered for a small showcase on August 20th. A few local colleges and an Atlanta Braves scout will be in attendence. Obviously I am not expecting to get signed or anything, but it should be a good experience. At this showcase I will be able to be gunned to see how hard I am throwing, which is something I needed.

Hopefully this helps explain a little about me. If you have any advice please comment it would be appreciated. Thank you.