2017 LHP - aris z

Side Angle from today

Please analyze and help me improve

Overall a pretty good delivery. Early after hand break you have quite a bit of backward shoulder tilt and your hand is extending very low to the ground. You are coming forward and upward at the same time. It would seem more efficient and force-producing to try to minimize that upward component during your stride phase by leveling off the shoulders more as you go for your equal and opposite set up after hand break. More of the energy would then be coming forward than you have currently. This will also allow your chest to get out over your front foot. You would be taller and have more opportunity to really get some additional trunk flexion at the end as your arm gets to and through release…

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I agree with Coach Paul. In a nutshell, try and NOT bailing out of your pitch. Take a look at the pitcher below and how he finishes. Now this takes a lot of physical fitness, muscle control and practice in doing so.

Coach Paul what exactly do you mean by bailing out of the pitch? Would it be like I’m not finishing enough?

Sorry I meant coach baker

I apologize for assuming too much in my brief observations and remarks.

In Coach Paul’s remarks, I selected exactly what is meant by “bailing out”. “Bailing out” is the release and popping up with your body just about at the same time as your release. In doing so, you look like you’re not getting all the benefits of your stride and all that body mass as momentum driving forward. Stay with the pitch and look with the pitch, balance yourself off with your back leg and stay IN the pitch.

Here’s what I’m referring to from a side view. (again, this takes a tremendous amount of physical fitness.)

Did I explain and answer your question>

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Yes I believe I understand know, thank you coach baker

At the amateur level - any level, you’re kind of between a rock-n-a-hard spot when it comes to training yourself with form and posture(s). I know I suggested being physically fit in order to address my prior remarks … BUT… when guys like yourself have to deal with mounds that’ll absolutely destroy you, even before you begin, it’s kind of difficult to take my suggestions to the park and actually get any kind of benefit.