2017 LHP - analysis


LHP, Class of 2017, 5’10", 175 lbs . … Any helpful comments and feedback appreciated . . . thank you.


Slo-mo clip here: https://youtu.be/IlRHcgO8i9g


I would suggest sinking into your left leg more, so you can push off of the rubber and generate more power. Also, staying closed with your hips longer, and finishing with your chest down, almost so far that you could touch the ground after you release the ball.


Touch the ground with your left hand, I mean.


I see a couple things off the bat. First, your reaching a balance point, which means your leg lift was pointless. Your putting your leg up and back down where it started before you start moving. You might as well slide step. What you want to do is get moving early and close off the hips like this:

Second, you aren’t loading your drive leg well. You need to sink into it more like erin said and you need to be more linear. Heres an example:

Finally, you need a more dynamic trunk, also like what erin said. This will increase your velocity and decrease your horizantal abduction savibg your arm. It also helps in driving your arm so you dont have to over conpensate with your arm. Extending your front leg at pitch release would help. It should look like this:

Things you do well are you have a good arm path except for the lack of external rotation, and your glove side is decent