2016 pitching log


New year, new log. Some general info as of January 1st, 2016:

Age: 16 (05/30/99)
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 200lb
Pitches: 4-seam fb, 2-seam fb, change-up, curveball
Fastball velocity: 78-80 mph, topped out at 84 mph


Day 1: Biceps and triceps:

Barbell curls: 4 sets w/60lb
Concentration curl/Zottman curl superset: 4 sets w/20lb db’s

Seated triceps press/Close-grip bench press superset: 4 sets tricep press w/35lb db, bench press w/95lb

Didn’t even plan on working out today because the gym was closed but we have a bench, bar, and some dumbbells at home so why not? In the 30’s here now. Is it bad for your arm to throw in 30 or lower degrees?


I look forward to following your progress throughout the new year!


Day 2: Decided to do an ab workout:

Heel touchers/lying hip-raises/plank superset: 4 sets

Great ab workout cause it hit lower and upper abs. it’s just freezing outside so don’t know if i’ll be doing much outdoors. Just registered for tryouts for legion which will be jan 29-30th. school tryouts are tomorrow so wish me luck. Won’t have same issues as last year but it’s still going to be hard to make the team, even if i do i probably would just be back end of the rotation but i’ll take it for sure. I’ll take anything just wanna make the team.


Dhup, what year are you in HS? Best of luck with your tryouts. You’ve worked hard & I’m sure it’ll be apparent to the coaches.


Thanks Pitcher17. I’m a junior. Yeah I’ll just do my best and see what happens.


What’s the baseball situation like at your school? Do they carry a large roster with lots of competition or a smaller school struggling to fill a roster? I apologize if you been asked this question previously.


I’d say somewhere in between. they get a good-sized, competitive team together every year


Keep working hard & don’t give up. If at all possible, find a good summer team. Reality is now you have a better chance of being recruited in travel ball than high school.


Day 3: Tryouts went well i think. My arm actually felt good despite lack of consistent throwing all winter long. Was clocked but they didn’t show me how fast i was throwing which was dumb. I asked one of my friends who was in line to pitch while i was pitching and he said the radar gun said 91mph so obviously he was lying lol. nice of him to try and boost my confidence though haha. anyway got to workout the chest tomorrow.


Day 4: Chest and abs:

Bench press: 1st set w/95lb, 2nd w/115lb, next 2 w/135lb
Incline db bench press: 1st set w/35lb db’s, next 3 w/40lb db’s
Incline db flys: 4 sets w/25lb db’s
Standing cable flys: 4 sets w/30lb each side

Heel touchers/russian twist/crisscross/lying leg raise/reverse crunch superset: each exercise 30 sec w/no rest in between exercises

Going to be doing more complex (at least complex for me lol) ab workouts like the one i did today. I’m progressing smoothly with all of my chest exercises which is great. Looking back at my first time (this winter) doing these exercises here is the progression: First time bench press-105lb. Now-135lb. First time incline db press-25lb db’s. Now-40lb db’s. Those are just the two that stick out. Happy and thankful to be working out again and I’ll do my best to never take it for granted, and always work hard. Hopefully I can stay healthy this year.


Day 5: Back day:

Bent-over db rows: 4 sets w/35lb db’s
One-arm db rows: 4 sets w/35lb db
Pullovers: 4 sets w/30lb db
Bent-over lateral raises: 4 sets w/15lb db
Pullups: 4 sets

went light on one-arm db rows and just getting lots of reps. Really trying to build thickness in my back, not so much width.


Day 6: Legs and abs:

Squats: 1st set w/135lb, next 3 w/185lb
Stationary barbell lunges: 4 sets w/95lb
Hamstring curls: 4 sets w/33lb
Romanian db deadlifts: 4 sets w/35lb db’s

Jackknife/pendulum/situp crossover/situp/v-sit up superset: 4 sets

Starting off my workout with squats kinda blows because then i’m tired for the rest of the workout but squats are great. going to hear the results of the tryouts next monday so i’m excited for that but trying to not get my hopes up.


Day 7: Home shoulder workout:

Seated db presses: 4 sets w/30lb db’s
Front raises: 4 sets w/10lb db’s
Db shrugs: 4 sets w/35lb db’s

Decent workout. I’m also trying to gain weight and then once spring comes i’ll cut the weight because i’ll be doing more cardio and stuff.


Day 8: Triceps, biceps, and abs:

Close-grip bench press: 4 sets w/95lb
Seated db tricep press: 4 sets w/35lb db
Skull crushers: 4 sets w/40lb
Kickbacks: 4 sets w/10lb db

Seated db curls: 4 sets w/30lb db’s
Preacher db curls: 4 sets w/25lb db
Alternating db curls on incline bench/reverse-grip barbell curls superset: db curls w/25lb db’s, barbell curls w/50lb

Bicycle/corkscrew/crunch crossover/lying hip raise/jackknife/modified plank superset: 4 sets

Great arm workout and abs was good as well. For some reason I had tons of energy at the gym today, hopefully i can keep that up


Day 9: Didn’t do anything physical but been looking up some athletic weight lifting workouts for different body parts. thinking about doing a whole week of just free weights.


Day 10: again just another day of rest. Tomorrow I will here whether or not i made the team so that’s exciting but tomorrow is also another day of working out so will be doing chest.


Day 11: Chest day:

Bench press: 4 sets w/95lb
Incline db press: 1st set w/35lb db’s, next 3 w/40lb db’s
Incline barbell press: 4 sets w/65lb
Cable flys: 4 sets w/33lb each side
Db flys: 4 sets w/20lb db’s
Normal/incline pushup superset finisher

Went light on both barbell pressing movements especially incline barbell because that can be dangerous on the shoulders.

Got some bad news today. Coach emailed my dad and told him i didn’t make the team. I am really disappointed because i thought i had a good shot at making the team this year. Haven’t thought much about what i will do as I only got the news about an hour ago. Obviously will still try out for legion and hopefully i will make that.


Assuming you’re a 2017 its often an uphill climb to make a high school team as an upperclassman (or even s Soph) if you weren’t previously on the team. It’s not necessarily a statement on your abilities or work ethic. Many of the college showcases & camps my son’s attended coaches have told attendees scouting takes place in the summer and not nearly as much in high school games. Reasons include small staffs of colleges and high school/college seasons at the same time. Research summer teams in your area, try to find the best possible on one you can get significant playing time. Find out where they play. Playing in local tournaments is a great experience but unlikely to provide exposure. Might want to set your sights on PO for upcoming season. Many if not most teams in your age group filled rosters in the fall. Tough for a position player this time of the year but many teams are willing to take another good pitcher. Wish you the best and encourage you to keep working hard. You never know who’s watching.


Thanks Pitcher17. That’s the plan, keep working hard. My summer teams coach from last year is going to coach the summer legion league again this year for my age group so hopefully he can give a good word about me for whoever picks the teams.