2015 pitching log


Day 14: Off day. did some stretching and mobility work. looked up some band exercises to increase velocity and did those. bp and flyballs after hitting off the tee. tomorrows a big game for us as we look to get back to .500. we’re 3-4 on the year. still no word as to whether i’m pitching or not so I don’t think I am but i know i am either tomorrow or wednesday.


Day 15: Game cancelled due to tornado warnings. again, beautiful day for baseball. the game was an hour away so maybe things are different up there. completely rested today expecting a game so I’ll be all rested up for tomorrow at home. I’m starting tomorrow, will be my 3rd start on the year and my first at home. honestly did absolutely nothing for my arm today. I feel like i’ve over-conditioned my arm (if that’s possible) so I thought I might just take it easy today and tomorrow


Day 16: Really really really tough loss, 2-0. I went 7 innings, allowing 2 runs on about 7 hits, 3 k’s and 0 bb’s. 0-2 with a bb at the plate but both balls were ripped. Points go down on the batting average but no one really gives a @#%$. before the game did a ton of stretching with the bands and just body as well and hit off the tee for about 45 minutes. next game saturday at home


Day 17: Off day. worked out legs at the gym which i will start doing once a week again. did squats, leg press, leg extensions, rdls, and hamstring curls.


Day 18: Off day. Threw, hit off the tee and in the cages for 1 1/12 hours. Game tomorrow morning.


Day 19: Good win, 7-6. played right field the whole game. 1-2 at the plate with a double and 3 bb’s. my arm was hurting a little bit this morning when i stretched it out. but after throwing in warmups it started to feel better. that happens a lot. next game tomorrow, double header away


Day 20: Off day. games cancelled because of rain. Rested the whole day and then just hit off the tee for a little bit. Next game tuesday- away


what are some do’s and don’ts for preparing your arm the day before you pitch. should i throw? long toss? that kind of stuff


My son will go to the gym, workout and throw. He will either do a light long toss or a full long toss depending on how his arm is feeling and his full arm care routine. He may also do a light flat ground to work on a specific pitch.


as for the flat ground he wouldn’t do more then like 30 pitches, right? or does it not really matter?


It’s depends.
It is usully just a feel thing, working on something specific. Release of the change up for example.


oh ok


Day 21: Off day. lots of bp. had a nice long toss and arm felt great. starting tomorrow on the mound so that is huge.


Day 22: Biggest win of the year, 2-1 end score. Crazy game-went 10 innings and we scored a run top of the tenth then held them in the bottom half to win the game. i forgot to ask the coach for my line after being taken out so this is approximate. 7 innings, 1 run, 8 k’s, 1 bb. 1-3 batting with a double and 2 bb’s (wow i walk a lot haha). next game thursday at home


oh also the team finally started talking it up and it was the most intense game yet


Day 23: Off day. Decided to completely rest today. Got to watch my brothers game which ended in a brawl so that was entertaining. Next game tomorrow


Day 24: Lost, 7-2. played right the whole game and was 1-3. not much to say. It blows when you loose to a team who not only you could have beat, but was talking trash the entire game. I LOVE IT. anyway 4th of july weekend off then we play again tuesday.


Lost 10 pounds over the month of june, is this bad? I feel great and am eating plenty. also my legs are getting stronger which is increasing my velocity a lot this season. I haven’t been clocked since tryouts in January where i was throwing around 75 consistently. anyway, back to the question-you guys think it’s healthy to go from 206 to 195 over my first month of playing?


Day 25: off day. did bp and took flyballs. did some long toss as well after lots of stretching. Also, I’m going to try to start lifting weights more consistently so I’ll track that.today I did legs-lunges, deadlifts, hamstring curls, leg press, and leg extensions. tomorrow I’m going to do back


Day 26: again did bp and flyballs. for back I did 1-arm db rows, bent over 2-db rows and supermans for lower back. happy 4th