2015 pitching log


I already did an intro so you guys know my info for the most part. I play tuesday, wednesday, thursday, & saturday every week and sometimes double headers on sundays. Can’t wait for the season to get going!


Day 1: First start went well. 6 innings, 1 run on 3 hits, 8 k’s, 1 walk. at the plate went 2-3 with a double and a walk. we won 7-3. next game tomorrow. home game


Day 2: didn’t play. I’m totally healthy, but my coach just wanted me to rest. we lost 10-1. Next game tomorrow. home game


Day 3: Tough loss, 6-4. I played right field the entire game and was 0-1 at the plate with 3 walks. felt good at the plate my one out was a line drive over the center fielders head-what a catch. Off day tomorrow


Day 4: off day


Day 5: Another tough loss, 6-2. Our rival just swept us which sucks. I was 0-2 at the plate with 2 bb’s. My two outs were just terrible at bats. wasn’t seeing the ball well at all. played right field the first five innings then i came in the sixth inning to pitch. 1 inning, 1 hit, 0 runs, 1 k. off tomorrow and monday then back at it tuesday at home.


Day 6: off day. took fly balls and some bp


Day 7: off day. game tomorrow at home


You pitching next game?


Some good opportunities being missed with off days to work on arm health/recovery stuff.


I’ve been conditioning my arm on off days. I guess I should track that, whoops


No not today


Day 8: game cancelled due to “storm threats”. the storm never came so my brother and I did some long toss down at the ball field. Lots of stretching before and after. arm felt good, no problems. also did some arm stretching with bands earlier. just finished taking some swings off the tee. away game tomorrow.


Day 9: Second start of the year. Pitched the whole game, 1 run on 5 hits, 6 k’s and 3 bb’s. Big win, 7-1. had a shutout going into the last innings with 2 outs and they scored. 1-2 at the plate with a walk. away game tomorrow. i did long toss before the game, would you guys recommend that?


Day 10: Lost 2-1. I only played 1 inning, made a nice play in right field. but grounded out in my only at bat. arm was sore but i’m not surprised about that. Next game saturday, home game


What are you doing for arm care?


Like immediately after a start? Iced my arm then the next day did very light throwing along with a flush run and very light dumbell shoulder routine and bands


Day 11: Off day. soreness pretty much went away after a long stretch and some light throwing. went over a band routine and arm felt good. took some flyballs and bp as well. next game today at home. Actually have to leave in about an hour. early game


Day 12: Much needed win, 4-2. Kind of a boring game for me individually. no action in right field and 0-3 at the plate with 2 ground outs and a flyout. a positive to take away from today is that i was making solid contact, just hitting it right at the guys. didn’t do anything with the bands today because my shoulder was feeling a little funny but after a few warmup throws it felt better. next game tuesday, we’re the away team.


Day 13: Happy Fathers day! had the day off. Just had a light catch and did some light dumbbell shoulder exercises. also took a little bp working on going the other way and have improved. really hard for a pull hitter like me to let that ball get deep in the zone but yeah, definitely made improvements. anyway hope anyone who read this had a great fathers day (and those who didn’t read this of course hahaha)